Once you have claimed your brewery, and have received your login details you will be able to login here using your Brewery Account username and password that was included in the approval email you should've received if your claim was approved. If you are not sure if you have claimed your brewery or not please check this out.

The first thing you will want to do after logging into your brewery account is change the temporary password on your account through your Account Settings

  1. Brewery Information
  2. Beer Information
  3. Brewery Analytics
  4. User Interaction

Brewery Information

This is the information like: 

  • Brewery Logo
  • Location (City, State, Country) + Street Address
  • Brewery Display Name
  • Social Links/Website
  • Description

This information will show on your public brewery page: 

  1. Add A Brewery Logo

  2. Add your Location Details (if you also have a venue page on Untappd, you can add it to your brewery page as well)

  3. Add Managers - Do some of your employees have an Untappd user account? Do you want to allow them to manage aspects of your Brewery Page from their user account - to keep your brewery account secure? You can add them as Managers! 
  4. Notifications - you can enable email notifications to be notified when their is activity on check-ins that you have commented on. 

Beer Information

This is how you will edit the information found on your brewery's beer pages - such as the beer label, description, and other details. This is also where you can add collaborators, UPC information, and view a log of changes that have been made on that beer just to name a few of the tools available to you! You will do this from the Beer Management Tool:

Merging Beers

  1. To merge a beer into another beer, in the case of duplicates, you can click on the merge button. Please don’t delete beers with check-ins. It is recommended you merge those into the correct beers to maintain the data of these check-ins.
  2. Once you access the Merge Tool you can search for the beers you’d like to merge into the one you’ve selected. Please keep in mind you can only view beers associated with your brewery. You can search by beer name or beer ID. The beer ID can be found at the end of the URL for the beer (Example: http://untappd.com/beer/4509).
  3. Add the beers to the merge list by checking the box of the beer and clicking on the arrow to move beers from the results column to the merge list column.
  4. Once you’ve selected all beers to be merged click on Create Merge List.
  5. You can now select the master beer you wish these beers to merged into. It is best practice to select the beer with the most check-ins, these are usually the correct beers on Untappd. In addition, always select the master to be the beer with the label. If you don't select the beer with the label to be the master, the label will not carry over during the merging.
  6. Click the Submit button.
  7. Your merge will be sent to one of our Moderators for approval. Once approved the beer will be merged. While the merge is pending: the beer will still be searchable and allow people to check-in to the beer while it's in the queue. Your merge will be approved within 1-3 days by one of Untappd Moderators.
  8. If you see a beer with greyed out buttons it means it is in the process of being merged and cannot be modified at this time.

Brewery Insights

  1. Under the Insights Dashboard you can see information about your beers including real time data on check-ins for the last 15 days, top venues where your beer is being consumed, top beers being drank as well as the top beers being added to users wishlists on Untappd.
  2. You can review the line graph to see how your beers check-ins are trending over several weeks.

User Interaction

Comments: allow you to engage a follower on Untappd to comment

  1. Find a checkin you’d like to comment on. You can only comment on your brewery’s specific beer check-ins.
  2. Click Comment and enter in your text - we provide some guidance on responding to check-ins here.
  3. Click the post Comment button.
  4. To delete a comment that you’ve posted, just click the Delete button on the comment post.
  5. If the user has their email settings configured to receive emails an email will be sent to them with the comment details along with a link back to your brewery page.

Toasting: similar to a virtual "Cheers!" if you like something, toast it!
  1. Find a checkin you’d like to toast. You can only toast on your brewery’s specific beer check-ins.
  2. Make sure the user is following your brewery.
  3. Click Toast.
  4. To Untoast something, just click Toast again to undo the toast.

Please take a look at the following Knowledge Base Articles as they will help you get the most from your Brewery account:

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain how to use the Brewery Management Tools or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with them. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here