We like to keep things neat on Untappd so we have a few guidelines regarding labels that anyone uploading labels to our system should check out. We have an extensive database of beers and breweries all over the world. For this reason we like to try to keep our labels consistent. For labels we will only accept official bottle labels or beer logos. We will not accept images of bottles, cans, or glasses (including photos or computer generated graphics), zoomed in photos of labels, or labels that include a Surgeon General/Health Warning. Un-cropped labels are preferred because people can see your full label without pinching and zooming to see what it looks like. It gives you better brand attention across all of our platforms. However, if you are using a wrapped can label - please crop the label to only show the front. If you're found to be uploading incorrect labels - they will be reported by a Moderator, and removed by our Support Team.

We recommend that you submit all images in the highest resolution that you can find - but images must be greater than 200x200 px in size. Only JPEG and PNG file types are allowed. This helps when we create different sizes and allows for the best full size label viewing for our users.

Acceptable Label Types



Can be found pretty much anywhere by looking on the brewery's website or doing a Google Search. If it is distributed, bottled, or canned you will find them a majority of the time.
Usually found on the brewery's website or by doing a quick Google search. If you can't find a label then you may use a logo. It's preferable if it's on a transparent or solid colored background.
Can be found pretty much anywhere by doing a Google Search.

Unacceptable Labels

Images or Photos of Bottles and/or Glasses of Beer

Images or Photos of Cans

Photos of Labels

                            Beer Not Acceptable 1

                        Beer Not Acceptable 2

Things to Note:

  1. Once you upload a label – there is no way to remove it back the default image. If you upload an image that you need to reset back to the default, please email support@untappd.com and include the beer page URL in your request.
  2. Breweries who have claimed their brewery page can upload their own labels. 
  3. Anyone can also send in labels by creating a new ticket and selecting the category as "Beer Labels & Brewery Logos" - and a Moderator will approve and upload. 
  4. You can also Propose an Edit to a beer and upload a label yourself - which will be approved by a Moderator if it follows these guidelines
  5. The "Unacceptable Labels" examples are not all-encompassing of what is not allowed, but merely the common types of incorrect labels that are used. It is best to adhere to what is allowed in the "Acceptable Labels" examples - as that is all-encompassing. 

You can and SHOULD always check-out beers on the app to see additional examples of acceptable beer labels.

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain our Beer Label Standards or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with adding labels. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here