When you create a beer to our database, you help build our community. We appreciate it greatly, but sometimes duplicates do come up.

If you have objections or suggestions - post them here. We really want to hear your feedback.


What drinks does Untappd support? We support a bunch of different drink types. Before creating your beer - make sure the item you are drinking is supported on Untappd: http://untp.beer/BeverageGuidelines

Your access to create beers will be revoked if you do not follow the policy above about what is supported on Untappd, and will not be returned.

How to Propose Edits/Dupes: See a mistake? You can propose an edit/duplicate form our app or web. Check this out: http://untp.beer/Whtuw

Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating your beer.

Most Important Rule: - Only create real beers. Do not create parody beers, or beers named based off of current events. If the beer doesn't exist, do not create it. Any one who violates this rule - will automatically have their beer creations rights revoked. If you don't know - if it's a beer, read this: http://untp.beer/BeverageGuidelines

  1. Do not include the name of the Brewery in the title of the beer. For example, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale should have a title of Celebration Ale and not include the Brewery. Notable exceptions: Any beer from Samuel Adams must include it in the beer name. This is because Samuel Adams is not the Brewery, Boston Beer Company is.

  2.  Only add the vintage year if the year is part of the label artwork. "Bottled On" and "Best Before" dates are not valid for this. For example, Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada has the year on the bottle cap. So you would add the beer as "Bigfoot (2011)". If the beer is cellar aged, do not create a new beer but rather include the vintage in the comments.

  3. Please make your beer name proper case. For example, "celebration ale", should read "Celebration Ale".

  4. For beer brands that are owned by another brewery, create a new beer under the owning brewery. NOTE: This only applies to breweries that have no physical brewing plant. For example, Goose Island has a physical brewing plant, so their beers should be categorized under Goose Island, not Anheuser-Busch.

  5. If you have the time - use the description field to enter in information about the beer. This may not be shown now - but will be important in the future.

  6. Clone Beers are not allowed in the Database due to possible trademark issues. Give your Homebrew an original name. If you do not - your beer will be removed.

  7. Home-brews are allowed, but please create your own Brewery (i.e Greg's Brewery) and assign them there. Do not assign them to the "Homebrew" brewery.

  8. IMPORTANT If the beer is a special version, such as Cask or Nitro - please note that in the comments - do not create a new beer. If you do, it will be merged.

  9. If the beer is part of chain of breweries (Like Rock Bottom or BJs) the following rules are to be followed. The Chain should have 1 Master Brewery. Each beer that is core the chain should of 1 entry. Many chain breweries will brew the same 6 to 8 beers at all locations. If a beer is unique and brewed locally we can note the specific location in parenthesis. Example: Killer IPA (Chicago)

  10. Do not use offensive wording when naming your home-brewed beer or home-brew brewery. If you choose to do this - your entry will be deleted.

  11. Beer Blends (meaning two beers blended into 1) that are not made for distribution by a brewery, are not allowed on Untappd. These will be removed by our Moderator team upon discovery. Only blends that are created prior to kegging/bottling are supported. If you pour two bottles together, or the bar pours a beer from two tabs - these are not not allowed and will be removed.

  12. Please do not create collaborating breweries. Our moderators and system will make the changes for you and assign collaborations to the beer. This feature will be coming to users in the future. Example here: https://untappd.com/b/sierra-nevada-brewing-co-yvan-the-great/642765

  13. Do not name your beer, "White House Honey" or "White House Porter". Always give your home-brew a distinct name.

  14. Do not add the style of the beer as part of it's name, unless it's part of the branding. For example do not add "Oberon Wheat Ale", as the word Wheat isn't part of it's name. On the flip side, Stone IPA is part of the name of the beer, so it's OK to add that there.

  15. One-off releases are allowed, even if they are cask. We don't allow the same beer such as Brooklyn Brewery Blast Cask and Brooklyn Brewery Cask - but it's if a one-off release - this is allowed. Just don't put Cask in the name.

  16. Do not create beer brewed under license by subsidiary brewery. For example, do not create Heineken brewed by Heineken subsidiary-breweries in Russia or in Italy because the beer license is owned by Heineken brewery, Holland.

  17. For beers and breweries from countries that use different alphabets than English (examples: Russia, Greece, China, Japan), please use the official English name. If there is no official English name, use transliteration to convert to the same alphabet as English. Names using other alphabets can optionally be in brackets. Examples:

    Hamovniki Pilzenskoe (Хамовники Пильзенское)

    Kagua Rouge (馨和)

    Athineo Microbrewery (Μικροζυθοποιία Αθηνέο)

  18. A special label release of a regular beer does not qualify for a unique beer. This happens when major breweries, make exclusive beers for sporting events or major holidays. These beers are the same as the prior, just a custom labeling.

  19. Infused beers are not allowed, this means beers that are infused after kegging via Randal or other means.

(Last Updated: 05/17/17)

We will continue to build up this list of standards as we go forward. We need to your suggestions to help us make this list better! Let us know!