You been checking in to Untappd and adding your personal/private venues for months, or even years and now you can't find it - even when searching around you. It just keeps coming back as "Not Found" when you search for it. What gives?


We use Foursquare (, for all of our venues on Untappd. They have recently made a change to their searching policy that prevents Private venues (this includes any venue that is listed as private or "Home - Private"), from being searchable unless you link your Foursquare account ( with Untappd and one of following situations are met:

  1. You are the creator of the venue on Foursquare
  2. You are friends of the creator on Swarm
  3. You are friends with someone who checked in to the venue on Swarm
  4. You have checked in to the venue in the past on Swarm.

This being said - you must connect your Foursquare/Swarm account with Untappd at or in the app at My Profile > Settings > Account > Social Accounts. Once you do - as long as you have met once of the 4 situations listed above, you will be able to check-in with the location. If you do not have your Foursquare account linked to Untappd - you won't be able to search for venues that are private or attach them to your checkins.

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