As of recently - we have add the ability to check-in to what beer you are having right from the browser! No need to fire up your mobile device! It's really easy - just follow these steps:

Step 1


Search for the beer that you want to check into using the Search box on the top right. Select the beer that you are having by clicking the link.


Step 2


On the beer page you will notice a Check-in button. Click it to start the check-in process.

Step 3


On this screen you select to post to a social network by clicking on the toggle button, rate the beer, and/or add a comment.


You can add a location, by clicking on the "Add Location" button and then selecting a venue. Please note that you can only select venues around you.


You can also add a photo. When your done click "Confirm".

Step 4


And that's it! You've just checked in to your favorite brews with a few clicks via your Browser! I bet that felt and tasted great!