You see us make badges for certain cities for Beer Weeks, why isn't yours included? It's a common question - but a simple answer.


All custom badges are sponsored on Untappd to keep the system up and running and free to you. We don't play favorites nor only create beer weeks for the ones that we like - it's purely based on Sponsorship. If you don't see your beer week on Untappd as a badge - it means that the organizers never reached out Untappd or declined to do a badge this year. We'd love to work with anyone - so we invite all organizers to reach out to us to discuss setting up a badge. Beer Week badges take around 2-3 weeks to complete, so if you are requesting a badge for beer week that start in a 1-2 days - we most likely can't honor this request

We recommend that you reach out to organizers and stress that you want a badge for your beer week. You can direct them to this link for more information about custom badges on Untappd:

If you have any questions - let us know!