Badges are fun to earn and people love them. So naturally you want a badge for your brewery or event right?

Do I qualify for a badge?

Since badges are in high demand - we cannot accommodate everyone. Here are some of our rules around badge sponsorship:

  • We don't offer badges for single location venues at this time (we do have other opportunities for you, so please contact us!
  • We don't offer badges for individual groups (wedding, birthday, etc)
  • We don't offer badges events or festivals that are 1-3 days long.
  • We don't offer badges for small breweries that don't have a wide enough reach. Badges are meant to be national or regional.

General Badge Info

There are 2 types of Badges on Untappd - Core & Special. Special Badges are a premium part of Untappd and do require sponsorship. Badges usually take 2-3 weeks to complete based on the complexity. Badges are meant to be regional or national to allow for the most possible people to earn them. If you are brewery with small distribution, it might not make sense to have a badge in this situation.

Event / Beer Week Badges

If you are interested in sponsoring a badge on Untappd, please email us at with the following information:

  • Event Location (City, State)
  • Event Dates (start and end)
  • Expected Attendance
  • Is this event in multiple locations (such as a Beer Week)?

We currently do not offer badges for single events (such as 1-3 day festivals). We also do not offer single users or groups at this time.

Note: Please only contact us if you work for the beer week or the committee organizing the beer week. If you don't - contact them and tell them you want a badge on Untappd!


For best results, please contact us at LEAST 1 month before your event so we can adequately prepare.

Please note that we can't make a badges for everyone, but we do the best we can to get back to everyone to determine if a badge is a good fit for the both of us.