You know that friends that use Untappd, but no one shows up when you search for them. What's the deal?


This means you didn't accept all permissions during the setup. During the linking up process - it asks if Facebook can access your information such as your birthday, email, etc. It appears that permission wasn't granted - and that's why we can't read your friends. The permission is called "basic_info" and if you don't allow us or customize the experience, we can't see your friends.

Unfortunately - the way that Facebook works is that it's unable to "re-apply missing permissions" once you ignore them the first time. So if you didn't allow Untappd to access all permissions the FIRST time you authenticated, it's never going to be able to "go back" and restart it.

We highly recommend using a Desktop or Tablet to complete this process.*

To force it re-start try this process:

Step 0: Disconnect your Facebook account from Untappd at (scroll down and click Disconnect under Facebook)
1. Login to
2. Go to
3. Remove Untappd from your List of Applications
4. Logout of Facebook
5. Go to (login if you haven't already - do not use the "Login with Facebook" option)
6. Scroll down and click Connect via Facebook icon.
7. During this step, make sure you allow ALL permissions (after you log into Facebook), do not add any customizations with any drop down lists during the permission step.
7. The page should refresh, and you should see your name there instead of the "Connect via Facebook"
8. At this point - you can try to Scan for Friends via the app again (make sure force quit the app and relaunch it so picks it up the new info). If this doesn't work - let me know and we can contact Facebook for additional information on why this isn't working.

Let us know if this helps!