What the heck? I want my Facebook friends to be jealous of a badge I earned or a beer I drank - but it's not working! Never fear - help is here!


Important: If your account is private on Untappd, you will not be able to post your badges or checkins to Facebook. You must make your account public so Facebook can read the data on the link shared.

We've recently noted that some users are having trouble with their checkins and badges failing to Facebook.

One reason is that Facebook only allows a certain number of posts per day via an outside application. Depending on how often you check-in, you might hit this limit.

We recommend that you re-link your Facebook account with Untappd in order to enable cross-posting to work correctly.

Please follow the steps below to re-link your account with Untappd:

Step 1: Go to, Application, find Untappd and click Remove.
Step 2: Log out of Facebook
Step 3: Go to, and click "Remove Connection to Facebook".
Step 4: Log out of Untappd
Step 5: Log back into Untappd and go to
Step 6: Relink your Facebook account by clicking "Connect to Facebook"

That's it! You should have every thing good to go! If not - let us know by opening up a help ticket!