So you like beer, but want only your friends to know? We've got a setting for that!


On Untappd, every account is public. What that means is you entire profile page can be seen by anyone on the internet.Your last name is always shortened to just the initial, so your last name is never shown to strangers, unless you are logged into Untappd and are friends with that user.

If you would like your account completely private - you can change your settings ( and make your account private. If you do - this happens:

  • Your account is listed as private, but will be shown in user search (unless you turn it off the settings)
  • Only your friends an see your locations, beers, badges, etc.
  • Your checkins will be removed from public pages (beer, brewery, venues, etc)
  • Your photos will be removed from public pages (beer, brewery, venues, etc)
  • You account will be removed from Top Drinkers or Top Users section (on Beer and Venue Pages)
  • You will not be able to share your checkins to Facebook.
  • You will not appear on any Untappd for Business (Verified Venues) Digital Boards
  • You will not appear in the "Friends List" on Brewery pages, but will appear on Venue/Beer Pages with option. This is when the user taps the "Friends" section - your checkins will not appear.

When you make your account private, and then make it public, your old photos and checkins will not show up on public pages. Any future checkins will be listed, but previous ones will not repopulate.