If you happened to notice a beer in your stream recently start showing a pop up hovering over it announcing that it has been marked as inactive, this will hopefully explain everything.

The reason for this notice is that the specific beer you checked in to has been marked as non-existent by our moderators. This means that they were unable to verify that it actually exists anywhere within our resources information. In order to keep our beer database clean our moderators regularly go through and seek out inaccurate data. When they find a beer that they are mostly sure is not real, they will mark it as inactive.

It's also possible that this beer doesn't follow our naming policy: http://untp.beer/BPVgr, or acceptable Drink policy: http://untp.beer/FRoux

Make sure to follow both these policies to avoid beers being deleted.

By marking this beer as inactive, it will no longer be search-able nor will it appear in any public locations. We don’t believe in deleting our users check-ins, so you won’t lose the specific beer check-in nor badges associated with it.

If you feel this beer was marked for removal in error, please open a ticket and let us know: http://untp.beer/new_ticket